Old School Beakers (Small, Medium and Large)



Product Details

Small: 3" W x 6" H

Medium: 4" W x 7" H

Large: 6" W x 9" H

Lisa did enjoy her lab class with Mr. Barker, just a few years ago when she was in high school (wink), but science was not her career choice... obviously! She got a little nostalgic when she discovered cases and cases of beakers while antiquing!

Move over, traditional vases - these are just fabulous! Fill them with texture and weight and use them as book ends, or let them stand alone. They will surely add character to any space they dress.

Some beakers are marked with handwritten numbers or notes, and each one has its own unique amount of "love"... a minor chip or scratch here and there. Then again, when you're 50 years old, you might have a few bumps and bruises, too!

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