Glass Balls



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From left to right: 9" W x 8 1/2" H / 9" W x 8 1/4" H / 10" W x 9" H / 9" W x 8 1/4" H

These hand-blown glass balls are from antique crabbing buoys. The ropes that held them to the traps are long gone, but the balls are still going strong. Each has a unique one-of-a-kind shape and coloration, making them great accents for bookshelves and inside cabinets. They've stood the test of Mother Nature in the ocean for years, now add them to your gardens, in planting beds ore even as an alternative to the traditional gazing ball.

Each ball is patinated with scratches, but if you were rolling all over a crabbing boat you'd be a little banged up too! Imagine the stories these balls could tell!

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