Cashmere & Blue Jeans Signature Scent Candles



Product Details

Choose from one of our signature Cashmere & Blue Jeans scents.

Each a great addition to any home no matter where you are...  

One whiff of the Design Diva and you’ll be transported to a sunlit flower garden. Design Diva combines warm clove notes with fresh carnation for a bold scent experience that fades into an earthly base comprised of rich sandalwood notes.

5th Ave, inspired after our Naples studio.. Like strolling down the famous 5th avenue shopping district. A fresh scent of bergamot & coriander 

Mayberry or shall we call it 'Home sweet Home'? Thats just what this candle evokes.. From the green grass hills of Durham, CT. This candle has a way of bringing you to Gods country and making you feel like you are home! Freshly picked basil harmonizes with cilantro and thyme tied with aromatic rosemary. 

each burns up to 60 hours