Suri Double Sided Alpaca Throw



Product Details

Suri, double sided prima alpaca throw (58"w x 80"l) Available in select colors and in solid or stripes. Sandra has reinterpreted traditional Peruvian weaving with entirely new textures, a decidedly refreshing modern and pastoral contradiction. Prima Alpaca Suri is ripe for experimentation, inviting you into the corners of your imagination to express a soft, but edgier, voice for your modern haven.

Inherent in the deep pile and dense textural grooves, you can feel the extreme rarity of Suri, which make up a mere 10 percent of the world’s population of alpacas. Unlike other alpacas, the Suri have silky locks that bring to mind long curls or dreadlocks. The fleece of these beautiful creatures can grow long enough to sweep the ground. The fiber is extremely glossy and will maintain its luster for years to come.